Success Stories

I came to Dr. Stately quite a mess. I am 24 years old and for over 5 years, I had been struggling with chronic pain due to a primary injury to one of my knees. Before I knew it, I was no longer the athlete I once was and had a lot of trouble performing basic daily functions and activities. I felt hopeless, desperate, lost and broken. I tried many things before I was referred to Dr. Stately and nothing seemed to help. One day after some exercise, my back was in tremendous pain. I decided to follow up with the referral and make an appointment. From day one I knew I was in the right place. God had answered my prayers. My recovery began immediately with Dr. Stately's proper and full understanding of my condition and has been continuing since. The massage therapy from SandraLynn is the perfect combination alongside the chiropractic treatment from Dr. Stately. Today, I have little-to-no pain in my lower back and body...I cannot tell you how thankful I am for Dr. Stately and his whole team! 

~ Daniel Stamegna  7/27/2020


Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you!

I am so grateful to you Dr. Stately, and your amazing team. You have all helped me so many times over the years. Recently I was having headaches, clenching my teeth at night, and very painful numbing and throbbing in my elbow. I was trying everything to get better!

After a recent visit with Dr. Stately, he was able to get an adjustment high up in my neck. Afterward, the pain in my jaw, my headache, and my elbow pain went away. Again, I am so grateful! I live a better life because of you and your team.


~ Erica Render 4/26/19

What can I say except “wow!”

I feel like I was always the biggest skeptic about chiropractic care, mostly because of the fear I had about it. But I only wish I had come in sooner. When I came in, I had horrible posture, couldn’t hold myself up, or sit/stand for even a short period of time. I was in chronic pain, and my mood was very low. After only the second visit I was shocked. My lower back pain decreased significantly, I was walking taller, and felt like I had control over my body again.

It was super emotional because you don’t realize how much of your life you’ve lost until you get it back. I’m almost 31, and feeling more energetic than I have in the last 5 years. I moved past my weight loss plateau because I’m able to move my body again, and I feel more in tune with what I’m feeling since starting treatment.

Saying thank you isn’t enough! I’m forever grateful to PTBW and Dr. Stately. THANK YOU!!!

~ Karen Fitzgerrell 4/4/19

My wife has been a patient of Dr. Stately for several years and he has done a great job with her chronic shoulder and neck pain. Because of a lower back injury many years ago I was always reluctant to have a chiropractor "crack" me. One morning after a weight lifting session I awoke with my neck and shoulder completely frozen. I couldn't move an inch without severe pain. The great staff at Pacific Total Body Wellness fit me in right away for massage and ultrasound therapy and Dr. Stately made three different adjustments - my body was really contorted! Over the next few days Dr. Stately and his team methodically worked my body back into shape which was incredible considering how out of alignment I was.

I am now a raving fan and believer in Dr. Stately and his great team. Thanks guys!

~Pete Grande 12/21/18

I was in a car accident that significantly caused major damage to my head, neck, and lower middle back although I didn't realize how damaged I really was because two days after the accident I traveled to Europe for 10 days. I was bruised and tight but I thought I got off easy with being hit from behind between 25-30mph. 

About a month later I had a horrible headache and couldn't move. My body felt like a bag of cement. The massage and adjustments from Dr. Stately has me almost back to normal. I feel like my happy, energetic self again. I love the Bemer and the machine that lengthens my spine. 

Thanks for helping me get my health back!

-Joi Faustini 12/17/18

I was scared to come in, but I couldn’t surf any longer.  I had electric shocks running down my arms.

I am painless now and can get back to surfing.

I can turn my head back and forth with more movement than before.


Thank you very much to all the staff.  I am much appreciated to the way I was taken care of!

It’s nice coming into an office where everyone smiles at you. 

-Tony Nungaray 11/30/18

After approximately 25 years not being able to bend my neck back comfortably, 2 weeks (6 sessions) DTS along with massage and adjustment, have been able to move neck back comfortably without getting stuck or causing shooting pains.

I have also noticed less tingling and numbness in arms and hands as well as more comfortable sleep at night.

-Cat Payne 10/19/18

I am not one to write a review but I think this will be really helpful to anyone who is considering a chiropractor i.e. Dr. Paul Stately and his tribe.


March of 2018 my back became very stiff, my posture was horrible and my legs were numb. I went to my primary doctor who referred me to a surgeon. I was terrified. I have always been very healthy and very active. This was a total shock. My husband kept insisting I go to Dr. Stately. My hubby is a cyclist who has had many accidents and always turns to Paul Stately and his tribe. Finally, after meds, severe pain and frustration I reluctantly made the phone call to set up an appointment. As soon as Wyatt answered the phone I knew I would be in capable hands. My first visit I was introduced to his tribe and shown around the office. The office was very clean, professional, and caring. Best of all they ALWAYS take you on time, NO long waiting!! Within two weeks I noticed a difference. I was walking straighter, my pain wasn’t so constant, but best of all my legs were not numb. I play tennis on several different leagues and noticed my game started to improve. I became quicker, more agile, and best of all no meds before I played! I realized I was getting better. I have been going co9nsistently for 6 months and yes its expensive BUT to be free of pain and enjoy sports again with NO surgery it makes it all worth it. Anyone who has ever considered a chiropractor must make an appointment and go see Dr. Stately and his wonderful tribe. They are great and in my eyes miracle workers. I have told friends who have been in pain, they have gone and they agree with me. I don’t know where I would be without them – probably surgery! YUCK!


Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has worked and taken the time to answer my questions and made it possible for me to resume my life!!

-Leslie Hanna 9/1/18

I have been working for Dr. Stately for almost 5 years.  In that time, I’ve been a witness to so many patients who been able to live pain free after treatment from Dr. Stately and our extraordinary massage therapists.

I’ve been lucky enough not to have had any health issues and live pain-free until one morning on my vacation, I woke up and couldn’t raise my right arm.  Thinking it was just sore from sleeping on it wrong, I went a full week in severe pain whenever I moved my arm. I thought my pain would go away in time.

When I came back to work, Dr. Stately accessed me and determined it was “frozen shoulder”.

He adjusted my shoulder and instantly my pain was GONE and I had FULL range of motion again! He truly has magic hands!


I love the fact that I am a testimony to his healing and can honestly say Chiropractic care should be the FIRST stop in your road to living a pain free life.  

-Stephanie Hunt 7/20/18

This letter is long overdue thanks. As you may or may not have known, after suffering a spiral fracture to my right leg, and then being away from the ocean for over a year and a half, I was a different person - and not in a good way. Casts, crutches, pain meds, and canes are a curse for anyone, especially a young, energetic person who typically exercises on a daily basis. When I came to this facility I was unable to walk without a cane and I had a 6" plate and 14 screws in my leg. I was saddened and scared. I was worried I may never be able to walk normal again. 

Dr. Stately and team are amazing! The physical therapy you provided before and after my surgery catapulted me back to the lineup of life. Your holistic approach to my overall health and recovery were awesome. The healing energy, positivity, and solid therapy provided helped me heal to the best extent possible. I now run daily with my dog, mountain bike, and am surfing better than ever. My wife and I are expecting our first child soon, and I'm so happy I'll be able to run and play normally when that day comes!

I cannot begin to truly repay you for what you and your group have done. All I can say is anyone that has the opportunity to work with the Stately chiropractic group should jump at the chance. They're wonderful people, and I'm stoked we crossed paths.

-Glenn T. 2018

I was referred to Dr. Stately by a friend who is a patient, as I had recently suffered a setback in my recurring lumbar back pain. After having delivered my 3rd baby my body was not bouncing back and I suffered daily, chronic pain in my lower and middle back (due to nursing).

Dr. Stately and his staff have been treating me for 3 months and I have experienced a remarkable improvement.  Between the focused area massage, DTS, and adjustments, I currently am NOT experiencing daily pain which has improved my quality of daily life in order to take good care of my kids. 

I’d like to thank the entire group for their professionalism, commitment to helping patients and knowledge as to how to get people feeling good again.

Thank you! 

-Krystine Bosley 11/15/17

I came in with pain in my wrist when I applied any pressure in any

direction to my hand and noticed a bump on my wrist when I bent

 my hand down.

Dr. Stately said it was a ganglion cyst and worked on my wrist and

 forearm and the therapists massaged and used ultrasound and

 another machine on it.

After 2 visits the pain progressively got better over the next 2 days

and when I came in for the 3rd visit the pain was gone and I have

full mobility in my wrist again.

Thank you! Everyone here is awesome! 

-Cody Brooks 10/04/17

I called the office on Monday morning with hopes that they could squeeze me in that day.  I was having severe pain in my right shoulder.  I was not able to move it in any direction.  I knew my session would be painful, but it was all worth it in the end.

I woke up Tuesday morning and was expecting to feel far worse, but to my surprise I was starting to get my range of motion back.

After my second session that week I was feeling fantastic!

PTBW, you are all amazing and wonderfully kind people.

Thank you for all that you do, each and every one of you!

-Brooke Hampton 8/28/17

So when I came the first time to Stately’s my hope of improvement was very little because I had tried everything I could think of.

I was welcomed very warmly and felt comfortable and they addressed every concern I had.

Right after the first treatment I realized huge improvements.

After some treatments I could go running again after a break of 4 months.


Thank you team Stately for all you have done!

-Jeanine Bucher 8/2/17

I don’t know if I have a “story” but I DO Know that you guys have been incredible. My neck and shoulders were in chronic pain, I didn’t think there was any remedy. I figured why not give you guys a chance (I learned about you guys through a little promotion given at Yogaworks) I came in for a complementary treatment and was hooked. Doc Stately said “I think we can help you out.” Every person on staff is amazing 0 Great energy, great skills great karma! I’m amazed. I’ve been around the block and it takes A LOT to impress me – This place is impressive.

-Rachel Levin 6/28/17

I have been coming to Dr. Stately for the past months.  I’m a body-building NPC Bikini competitor and have had pain especially in my hips and lower back. 

I have noticed a complete difference in mobility as well as pain.  The treatments here are phenomenal and I recommend it to anyone who is in any discomfort.

-Brittany Shelton 6/7/17

     I was unable to move my neck and had so much pain when I first walked into your office. Almost 3 months later, I am now able to move my neck in all directions ( yay I can drive!) and can lay on my side.

     The success I have had so far on both of my injuries has given me hope of a full 100% recovery.

     Thank you to ALL, you have all played an important role in my recovery.

-Ann Jimenez 5/31/17

When I first started visiting this practice I was experiencing very stiff discomfort.  Over time my condition greatly improved.  My posture is much better, and the muscle soreness is practically non-existent.  This has been a life changing journey and I look forward to continuing getting better with the excellent care at Pacific Total Body Wellness. 

-Nik Nikolov 5/31/17

Great Doc  ~   Great staff

My treatment plan has been extremely effective.  I’ve

gone from having a lot of pain and discomfort to very

little pain.  I am able to move my head/neck without

having constant pain and spasms.

Thank you so much!

-Catherine Bailey 5/15/17

Coming from a worker’s Comp. injury and some prior issues with my neck, I had plenty of tough stiffness and aches that needed addressing. Dr. Stately and his staff of massage/physical therapists along with their applied machines is one of the best regimens I’ve ever had to correct these in a fairly short time. I can move much better now than when I came in. My spine is much less stiff. I have resumed more activities like bicycling and longer walks with more freedom from pain and freedom of movement. I’m grateful especially for John and his applied techniques for stiffness around the neck and lower back. Patsy is great too.

-Carol Kerr 4/21/17

I was reluctant to start coming here because I’ve tried chiropractors for years and it didn’t seem to make a huge difference.  I suffered from back and neck pain which caused insomnia.

My brother raved about Dr. Stately and what he did for him so I decided to give it a try.  His approach is different than any of the other chiropractors I’ve ever been to.

I’m so happy to report that in 1 month of treatment I no longer have chronic pain and I’m able to sleep all night for the first time in years.  He is absolutely amazing and I’m so thankful for him!

-Melissa Chiavetta 4/12/17

After surfing one day before school (work), I experienced a pain in the shoulder, elbow, and hand I have never experienced before.  Excruciating!!  I called the office for an appointment and left work. 

After seeing the staff & Paul, my pain dropped tremendously, but numbness and lingering pain remained.  Paul set me up on a program that was pretty intense.  After about a month I am now pain free and feeling really good.  My strength is returning and my sleep has gotten better and better. 

More importantly my outlook on life has improved drastically.  I’m happy again and can see the end of this ordeal.  My thanks to my buddy Paul, and the staff!  I’m not healed yet but close.


-Jim Wille 1/11/17

In August 2012 the garden work finally took a toll on my back, and my daughter recommended I come to Pacific Total Body Wellness. I am not a chiro person, but in desperation I decided to come! I remember how caring and thorough the staff had been in preparing my body for the big "crack-up" (LOL). I never has as great a chiropractic experience as the treatment provided by PTBW. With no other medical insurance, and living in the holistic world, PTBW was in "alignment" with what I believe and from the get go Dr. Stately and staff quickly had "my back" on the road to recovery. When you live with back problems they never really completely just go away, but with the family plan here at PTBW I am able to keep my whole body in check. No matter what a "pain in the neck" I am Dr. Stately takes the time to go over stretches and exercises to do at home. He goes the extra mile and researches new and innovative ways to improve my health, and goes beyond the chiropractic field by introducing other health and nutrition remedies, keeping true to the "total body wellness" statement.

In the past I have struggled with fatigue and brain fog and I've tried almost everything to get my brain to work again, but since I started taking Restore within the first week or so I noticed that my energy levels are back in play and I'm able to focus on getting things done! Go figure! Restore is quite a suppliment that works on restoring a healthier gut and in doing so I believe will ultimately get my whole body working better! Even though Restore will be a long term addition to my diet (and budget) the benefits are worth it! It just makes a lot of "cents"... Healthy gut... better brain... better energy, has got to lead to better everything! And of course that goes hand in hand with my commitment to getting my body tune-ups here at Pacific Total Body Wellness!!!

-Monica Wells 12/16/16

I started coming to see Dr. Stately and his therapists because of several areas of discomfort.  Now that I have followed their plan for me, I arrived today being able to tell them I had NO pain!

-Sue Hopper 12/14/16

Great success in relieving stiffness and tightness in my knee and IT Band. No more problems in that area after a year of therapy and exercises. Thank you so much Dr. Stately and staff. I even sleep better!

-Kathy Render 10/21/16

Thank you Dr. Stately and staff. I suffered from severe level 10 back pain for 4 months and finally decided to make an appointment with your office (since the pain was affecting my sleep, attitude, and daily routine L) Within five hours of my appointment I felt nearly 100%relief and was shocked to know I had such a rapid healing. You were all absolutely meticulous, detailed, and thorough with my treatment. I am grateful to each and every one of you. Thank you for healing me and for treating me with a great sense of urgency and confidence.

Xoxo Susan.

-Susan Kinsey 10/13/16

I was initially nervous about seeing a chiropractor for my shoulder, especially potential adjustments to my neck. I realized I didn’t understand the function + purpose of chiropractic care. Dr. Stately and his staff are very patient, kind, and attentive. My perception and understanding have changed for the better. So much so I now welcome adjustments to my eck. My shoulder feels amazing, practically close to 100% healed. Dr. Stately and his staff maintain a very clean, warm, welcoming office- everyone has been beyond professional and friendly. The therapists perform amazing wrok and I trust Dr. Stately completely. I appreciate all the education and information Dr. Stately and his staff have provided. I will gladly recommend Dr. Stately to anyone in need of care. I feel truly blessed to have been referred to the office. I hope others can find the same relief I’ve found. J

-Cristina Jones 9/23/16

I fell directly on my back on some carpeted stairs in my home.  I was recommended to Dr. Stately by a friend.  He took great care of me.  I started with x-rays and he explained a treatment plan to help me.  Not only did he fix my back pain but he treated my flat foot pain issues as well.  He is very knowledgeable and friendly.  I would highly recommend him to friends and family.

-Jeffrey Hirata 8/31/16

  • No headaches
  • Increased mobility - neck
  • Decreased muscle tension - neck and shoulders

-Kristen Matsumoto 8/27/16

I came in with extreme back spasms, tightness, and pain. This had been an ongoing problem for many years. During the course of my treatment, I have become very aware of what triggered my episodes, and was able to make huge improvements. I especially benefited from the massage therapy and DTS (decompression therapy). Signing up for the whole treatment plan helped rather than just a few visits like I had with other chiropractors.

I would highly recommend Dr. Stately and the whole office. They are always on time which is definitely a plus!

-Andrea Witbeck 8/24/16

I met Dr. Stately surfing in Newport Beach. We became friend and after learning about his business through our conversations I decided to come see him. After evaluating me, he came up with a game plan that included therapy at his office as well as exercises for me to start incorporating at home.

The combination of the two not only has me feeling better, but now I finally have an understanding of what my issues are. I also have a blueprint on how to avoid future problems. This has made me more confident and I'm now back surfing which makes me HAPPY!

-Tad Buchoz 8/8/16

When I first came in on a close friend's recommendation, I was only coming in for a check-up with my husband. He was having back pain and I had some pains I thought came naturally with aging. I figured there couldn't be any harm in a check-up to confirm everything was going as planned. After only my first appointment I felt such a surge of relief that I couldn't stop chuckling for the rest of the day. Every since, I've had nothing but good things to say about both Dr. Stately and all of his wonderful staff. Everyone has been so kind and understanding. I feel like I am coming to see good friends instead of coming to an appointment, More than anything, I am glad to see how wrong I was about "normal" aches and pains.

After each appointment I have felt as though I have gained a part of my life back that I didn't take the time to realize was missing. I feel more like I did when I was in my early teens and not what I thought was "normal" for early 30's.

I am in so much less pain than I ever thought possible again and would highly recommend a visit for anyone who feels it is "normal" to be in pain.

-Alison Williams 6/22/16

Dr, Stately treated the soft tissue damage in my leg, ankle, and foot, which was from a two year old injury when I tore my syndesmosis and broke my tibia.

The treatment gave me much greater mobility in my ankle and broke down lots of scar tissue. My foot is also starting to show improvement in areas that were frozen.

-Michelle Jordan 4/20/16

Dr. Stately and his staff are a tremendous help in alleviating the pain in my hand arm, back, and right foot. I was a little skeptical about needing 24 treatments but have found that the treatments are very useful in maintaining a well body. It took many treatments to minimize the various aches and pains; but when the continued excellent care by Dr. Stately & crew took effect I can enjoy each day without feeling limited in my activities. My wife and I like the cleanliness of the office, treatment tables, and equipment. I have recommended him to several friends. 

-David Brooks 4/13/16

Dr. Stately and staff have helped me heal from multiple injuries including my left ankle, right shoulder, right achilles tendon, lower back, and various muscle strains. One incident occurred when I was moving a planter and strained my neck causing vertigo. The team went to work and freed up the tension that caused it without any pharmaceuticals! Thanks Doc!

Tony Armand 2/8/16

In August of 2011 I had a lumbar laminectomy. It seemed to be successful, but 2 months later I had very bad pain in my left leg. The doctors thought it was bursitis and treated with injections. It did not help me this started my four year journey with severe pain in my left leg. Finally, in December 2015 the medical doctors dismissed me saying there was nothing else they could do for me.

My friend, Mike, is a patient of Dr. Stately. He asked if I would be willing to see Dr. Stately and let him see if he thought he could help me. I said I would be willing and had my first visit in the middle of December 2015 and only had one more visit before leaving for Christmas in Washington. When I returned in January I began seeing Dr. Stately 3 times a week through all of January and the first two weeks of February. My pain level when I started was 8-10 on a scale of 1-10, all the time and had been that way for 4 years. After about 3 weeks of treatment my pain level was reduced to 5-7 and the pain wasn't 24/7 but mostly when I was walking or moving in certain ways. Now my pain level is about a 3-4 and only when I move certain ways.

When I began this journey I was having to use a walker because my left leg had gotten so weak and I had fallen 4 times in the month of October 2015. For my own safety I began to use the walker. For the first time Since October I went to me meeting and lunch afterward without the walker on February 9, 2016. I have not used the walker since and hope to put it back into the garage storage by the end of February. When I began seeing Dr. Stately I was walking very crooked, leaning to the right side of my body because of the pain. I am now walking very tall and straight and also walking much quicker than I have been able to for a long time.

~Peni Wintersole 2/11/16

To the staff at Pacific, I wanted to thank you all for treating me. I can't tell you how amazing my recovery has been. For over 2 years my right shoulder has been in constant pain. Upon initial treatment by Dr. Stately suspected a pinched nerve in my neck was most likely causing the pain to radiate in not only my shoulder as well as my right arm. Upon several visits I noticed relief and within a very short period of time the pain and loss of strength went away. Not only can I resume workouts as well as full mobility without any pain, what is more amazing is that the entire treated me and everyone was beyond amazing.

Thank you Dr. Stately and entire staff.

~Nick Satter 1/11/16

When I came into Dr. Stately's office 4 weeks ago I was in severe pain. I couldn't sit, I could barely stand, and I couldn't stay still because of my sciatic nerve. With help from Dr. Stately and his staff my pain has decreased immensely and my discomfort is almost completely gone. I am not 100% yet, but I know after a few more sessions I will be able to get back to my active lifestyle. I thank Dr. Stately and his staff for all their hard work.

Casey Harris 12/11/15

I came to see Dr. Stately for lower back pain 3 years after an auto accident. I had seen several doctors, had months of physical therapy, and had several spinal epidurals with short term/temporary relief. 

Today, my back pain is significantly reduced and I can actually stand and dry my hair without experiencing pain.

I'm planning on making Thanksgiving dinner and I'm not experiencing anxiety that I won't make it through the day 

Thank you!

~Colleen 11/19/15

I was referred to Dr. Stately by a friend because my labrum was in pretty bad shape. Dr. assisted in getting me back in shape better and greater results I could have ever imagine. He and his staff are amazing and I am very appreciative of all their efforts

~Steve Antonio 9/16/15

When I met Patrick and Jon at a Health Fair, I knew this was a place that could help me. Dr. Stately was knoledgable and truly cvares for his patient. I had a myriad of issues, primarily in my neck. I was in constant pain. My pain scale was 7-9 out of 10.

with the combination of massage, decompression, and chiropractic adjustments, within 4 weeks my pain went from a 7-9 to a 2-3. I am so pleased with my results and having the ability to do more than I had been able to in over a year. Thank you to all of the caring staff at Pacific Total Body Wellness.

~Ellen Clark 8/26/15

After hearing about all the great things that Dr. Stately and his staff were able to do for my don, after seriously hurting his lower back, I finally conceded and let him take me in for treatment. The only thing I have regretted is not coming in sooner. I had debilitating sciatica pain, a bad knee, and I would get terrible cramps throughout the night. I couldn't sleep. Now, after only a couple of weeks of treatment my sciatica pain is nearly non-existent, my knee pain is gone and I have more mobility, and the cramps are completely gone. Thanks to PTBW I'm pain free, cut out pain medication, have started exercising, and can finally get a good nights sleep!

~Armida Azuara 8/21/15

As weeks go by I feel better day after day. I feel like the services I have been receiving have helped me very much.

~Juan O. Gutierrez 8/21/2015

 I came in with back pain and neck pain from water polo which is the sport I play. I still remember the first time I was adjusted and how loud it was, but it felt amazing, I could move and walk again without fear of pain. I began to develop some shoulder issues too which disappeared as soon as I came in too. Everyone here is so nice and considerate. This place has definitely helped me get better and succeed.

~Skylar Lee 7/25/15

I would highly recommend this cleanse: why? It is much easier than I ever thought it would be. The cleanse is not severe or extreme like many other programs. It allows you to eat many things and it is not so restrictive that you get discouraged or bored with it. Also, the two weeks it takes is a great time to re-train yourself to eat properly and wreck some old bad habits.

The benefits I experienced are weight loss, developing new healthier eating habits, better sleep, improved energy and an overall improved self-image. I also have peace of mind knowing I have rid my body of the many toxins we pick up, not only through eating but everyday exposure to pollution in the air. There are many items in our homes like carpeting, flooring, clothes, furniture, etc. that add to our toxin burden. Don’t put off doing this cleanse! You won’t regret it.

~Sandy Koprinik 6/23/2015

Dr. Stately and everyone on his chiropractic team are the humblest and most kind people I have had the pleasure of meeting. They care for nothing except their patients’ well-being. There are multiple issues going on with my spine that we have been working on together, and Dr. Stately has made drastic improvements to my posture, my flexibility, and my spinal curvature. I feel amazing every time I go to see these wonderful people. I have been silently struggling with pain and discomfort for years and am fortunate that Dr. Stately entered into my life. His treatment plan has made such a difference for me in my everyday life. They were even able to help me find the perfect and affordable treatment plan that works for me. Dr. Stately truly does care about me and all of his patients.

Thank you so much!

~Cory Bodda 6/3/2015

Thanks to Dr. Stately and the crew- it’s been a great experience. I’ve been given many ideas of things to do at home which I feel will be profitable. The adjustments and massages have been very good.

Everyone has been gracious and pleasant- thank you!

Looking forward to more time with posture bra, back and neck brace. Thinking the posture pump will be helpful too.

~ Judy Endsley 5/31/2015

Compliments to Dr. Stately and the entire staff here. I am feeling so much better from when I started here. My left hip is so much better! I don’t even hesitate going up stairs now and getting in and out of cars is no longer painful either. Putting on socks and shoes has gone from almost impossible to an easy task now. I am so grateful that God led me to you guys. You are an awesome team intent upon improving people’s health and that is so obvious in all of you.

Kudos to Sean- massage therapist perfecto! Thanks everyone! Oh, and crossing my legs has become a natural thing again. Even my left leg almost back to normal again!

~Joe Strubbe 5/18/2015

"When I began seeing Dr. Stately in October 2014, I had an 11 millimeter anterolisthesis. An MRI in March 2015 showed a correction in this misalignment. The anterolisthesis now measures only 1 millimeter.

Dr. Stately and his staff are responsive, skilled and proactive in defining therapy
strategies to get results!"

~ Kimberly Cole 5/4/2015

"Today marks 20lbs lost after starting to work on my fitness in January. I’m more than halfway through my second round on the PaleoCleanse. Thanks to Dr. Stately and his staff, I have been able to accomplish this. Not only have I had more energy but this has also helped with my digestive health. Thank you Dr. Stately!"

~ Sam Mendivil 5/6/2015

"First off: I love coming here! I love the vibe here and the entire staff are genuine and warm! You guys do a fantastic job of communicating and interacting with myself (and others that I’ve seen). While I’m not here for the “typical” reason, I’m so grateful for the help and support that I’ve received from Dr. Stately! I think the most helpful thing for me so far is the Formula 303 supplement I’ve started taking per Dr. Stately’s suggestion!"

~ Robin Costello 4/24/2015

"Before getting chiropractic work done by the PTBW crew, I would just live with aches and pains, letting time heal my aching body. After getting treatment from PTBW, I have become more aware of my body and the interconnectedness thereof. The massage therapists have worked on “knots” in my neck and back that had been untreated. Dr. Stately has also helped with addressing not causes of pains I’ve had for months.
Overall, my body feels at least, if not better than, back to normal. Thanks!
Bonus: All the staff are so friendly and professional."

~ Deb Sng 4/23/2015

"I have been coming to Dr. Paul Stately for many years and his approach to chiropractic never ceases to amaze me. Today I had a chronic headache all day. I thought I was dehydrated but no amount of water could rid me of my throbbing temples. After Dr. Stately adjusted my neck, not only did my headache disappear but vision became immediately sharper. Simply amazing! Namaste!"

~ Michael Corlett 3/12/2015

"The massage technicians have been working on my shoulders and it has made it so that I never have problems fastening my bra any more. The lumbar traction table has allowed me to be able to cross my legs to put my shoes on after my broken hip."

~ MaryKay Rodarte 3/11/2015

"My story starts with a brutal migraine headache that started with vomiting and my eye sight starting to go out in my left eye. Upon arriving to the office, I was a mess! After suffering from these types of headaches for 30 years I can honestly say I have never been saves from one without hardcore medications, until now! Dr. Stately and his amazing staff came to my rescue literally. I left whe office pain free. I never went to dinner that night! It’s been over a week and I continue to be without pain.

Thanks can’t possibly express my gratitude- I appreciate your amazing work more than you’ll ever know." 

~ Leann Valentine 3/5/2015

"When I first came here I was skeptical because I’ve been to a lot of chiropractors and none of them were able to help me. But since I’ve started coming here I can say that they have been helping me with a lot of my issues. I’ve noticed relief and improvement in my neck and back. Even though I still have some issues and need more work, I can actually say that someone has been able to help me and I have hope that most if not all of my issues will be resolved."

~ Josh Weisman 3/4/2015

"I’ve been coming for the past 18 months and have had tremendous improvement to my overall health and well being. As a former professional athlete, my body has been through quite a bit and fortunately Dr. Stately and team have been terrific in getting me back to good health. Thank you Dr. Stately and Team!"

~ Steve Solomon 1/19/2015

"Dr. Stately and the entire team at Pacific Total Body Wellness is awesome! Very professional, friendly, highly skilled, attentive and caring. I learned a lot, am feeling so much better; in addition have made some good life changes. I am about ½ way through my treatments and I’m very pleased with my progress. I would recommend Dr. Stately and Pacific Total Body Wellness to any of my lovely family or friends. Only complaint, their water cups are too small!"

-Judi Schweitzer 1/9/15

"I came in because my left hand was numb and tingling. Right shoulder pain has been part of my life for approximately 5 years. My Dr. told me basically there was nothing to be done except take Advil and ice. 

Dr. Stately and his staff have completely eliminated  the numbness in my left hand. My right shoulder is making great progress and I am hopeful that in the near future I will be able to do a proper push up. I am able to run and move throughout my day with far less pain. I feel hopeful for the future progress of my fitness having the ability to come here and get the support I need to workout daily. I can't express how far you all exceeded my expectations. Thank you!

P.S. TMJ- Don't forget that! $2,000 for a tray that I had to wear 24/7 with no relief.

P.S.S. Beauitful office, great people working here :) "

~Maggie Marrison 12/7/2014

"I came to Dr. Stately after years of a deteriorating experience with numbness and pain in my hands. I had gotten to the point that my daily life was suffering both at work at home and I was unable to engage in my passion playing guitar. 12 weeks into my treatment I have seen steady improvement and a decrease in pain in both hands. After years of neglect I feel that I am finally on the path to recovery."

~Michael Weisman 11/26/2014

"I came in with 4-5 migraines per week having to shoot myself with an injector to get rid of the pain. Only until the next day when I'd do it all over again. Within a few weeks my migraines were virtually gone. That was/ is a life changing experience. My quality of life is much much better. Now working on other areas of my body with the knowledge that I will be well. Thank you!"

~ Karen Ogden 11/7/2014

"I started chiropractic care at a young age and have been to many different chiropractors, once I started my plan of care at Pacific Total Body Wellness. I knew it was going to be a completely different experience within a few weeks I was already feeling better, having less pain during the day, sleeping better and focusing better in school. On 10/10/2014 I got in a minor car accident and thought that it was going to set me back significantly. With only a week of treatments, and being careful to not irritate my neck, I was back on track. 

Now, I do not spend my days in constant pain, my headaches and migraines have decreased and I feel like a totally different person! I cannot wait to feel the results when I am done completely with treatment and just get to maintain what I have accomplished. "

~ Jenae Poffenbarger 10/29/2014

"So far in my journey Pacific Total Body Wellness has been improving my body health. When I first started coming I had no relief in my body, but after I started coming here I have gradually been improving and am starting to experience relief more and more. Even though it's been a process and taking time to get the relief, we are getting there week by week. I still have a lot to work on, but seeing the results that I am getting give me hope that we will be able to conquer my current issues and will continue to see more and more relief."

~Josh Weisman 10/17/2014

"My shoulder is much better pain-wise, I can look straight up without shooting pains. Pinched nerve in the same shoulder is also getting better, less tingling/ numbness in the thumb and fore finger."

~ Allen Witbeck 9/18/2014

"I have been a chiropractic patient for the past 15 years. Diagnosed with Scoliosis at a young age, I learned early on that consistency of treatment gave me the best chance of continuing my active lifesteyle with the greatest amount of comfort. Over the years I saw a number of different chiropractic doctors who had various philosophies and techniques. But it wasn't until discovering Dr. Stately and his team here at Pacific Total Body Wellness that I realized how crucial it is to receive quality comprehensive care by a team who addresses the body and all of its symptoms as a whole.

"Every 2-3 weeks I look forward to my appointment here, where I receive soft tissue work, ultrasound, electrostimulation, and structural manipulation. Whatever my body needs that day. For the past 7 years Dr. Stately and his team have helped me through the discomforts of pregnancies, the physical demands of caring for 3 young children, sports injuries, and the random ailments that come with aging. They have kept me active and doing the things I love. They have literally held me together. I am a success story because I make chiropractic a priority in my life. But more importantly, I am a success story because I have the right "pit crew." I am so grateful. "

~Christy Hunter 9/10/2014"

"First time I go to a chiropractor that really examines you and go for the roots of the problem to provide adequate treatment rather than going for the quick "bandage" fix that provides only temporary relief. Dr. Stately's team is also very professional and massages they perform really makes a difference. Dr. Stately and his team provide excellent service. The practice has also great DST tables. Treatments are done to make a long term change in your health and habits. Would highly recommend Dr. Stately and his team."

~Victoire Figotin 9/2/2014

"Throughout this entire experience I have really felt the improvement in my body and my daily life. The doctor and the therapist work really well together and seem to be in a harmony all the time. Everyone who works here seems to actually care about the patients and remember the client's names. I strongly recommend Pacific Total Body Wellness to whoever is on the fence about it."

~Mathew Abramsky 9/2/2014

"I started getting sciatica pain in my right lef in February and I started working with Dr. Stately and the team a couple of months later. After just a few visits the pain was pretty much gone. It was such a relief to have someone who knwons exactly what to do for the pain. Thank you Dr. S and team!"

~Dawn Keeney 8/27/2014

"Feeling much better! My neck has much more mobility than previous. My neck can go all the way down, my back is much better." 

~ Colleen Halverson 8/27/2014

"I was referred to Dr. Stately by other patients. I was somewhat skeptical at first but now as a patient, am very happy and am a believer of what chiropractic therapy has helped me. I am also more aware of what I need to do to help me get better altogether. Thank you Dr. Stately and staff =)  "

~Krystine Solomon 8/13/2014

"I had no idea that a prior car accident was the source of my back pain/ problems. I assumed my pain was a factor of growing old. I was hesitant about seeing a chiropractor. Would the pain really go away? Would it, could it get worst? I am most certainly glad I chose to come in. Yes, the pain and discomfort can and did get better. I learned about the root of my problem and how to take the steps to eliminate this nuisance and focus my attention and energy on living a more productive and active day to day. I would most definitely recommend to my friends and loved ones to visit a chiropractor if they were confronted with similar pain. Words cannot express how wonderful it is to be a part of the action versus sitting along the sidelines in fear."

~Lorena Ramirez 8/6/2014

"Well, I think I am still a work in progress but I am feeling a little better since I have been coming here for treatment. The massages and adjustments make me feel great for the day, but my pain does come back, so I will continue treatment. Better success story to come in the future =) "

~Heather LaCovara 8/6/2014

"I started my treatment approximately a month and a half and my initial symptoms were a sharp pain in my lower back and shooting pains down my left side to my knee. I had an initial consult with Dr. Stately and Colin. They gave me a thorough exam that revealed several issues. I then went and got a round of x-rays to reveal the exact problem. We then came up with a plan of treatment that included several office visits as well as many exercises that included stretches at home. 
In the last months I have seen my pain greatly diminish and my flexibility is better than its been in decades. I can't and don't want to imagine where I would be today if not for the expert care I have received from the entire staff. I'm now a true believer in chiropractic care and have even spread the word on how important these treatments are for a happy healthy. I can't thank the entire staff for a happy healthy life. I can't thank the entire staff enough for taking such a concerned interest in my well being. "

~Marc Schnoll 7/25/14

"I'm half way through my initial treatment plan and progressing. My shoulder has loosened and regained some range of motion. The introduction of strengthening is also helping. Thus far I'm pleased with my progress and look forward to gaining full range of motion back with the shoulder. Everyone has been great and I'e enjoyed the variety of approach by the massage therapists. Dr. Stately has been amazing! I admittedly have very high expectations of a chiropractor after years fo phenomenal treatment and care. Dr. Stately definitely lives up to my expectations. Thank you!"

~ Kimberly Flores 7/25/14

"My experience here has been very positive. When I came I couldn't even cross my left leg putting on socks and shoes was painful that has been alleviated. I can now go up stairs without as much pain & sometimes without pain. The "neck stretcher" has been somewhat successful in lessening the pain in that area also. Over all, I'm feeling better & the whole staff here has been a great experience!"

~Joe Strubbe 7/18/14

"You guys have been amazing! I came in my first visit stiff and in pain, thinking I would just be walking like a duck the rest of my life with my shoulder in my ears, but now I feel refreshed and like my whole body has opened up. I feel more energetic too! Every time I come in for an appointment, everyone is so nice and welcoming, that really makes a difference as well, just being in a pleasant and relaxing environment. "

~Amanda Radaker 7/14/14

"I've been experiencing Chronic back pain for almost 20 years. It's safe to say I've tried a lot of things, physical therapy, acupuncture, pain killers and muscle relaxants, etc. There are times when I give in figuring that this is just the way it'll always be. Fortunately, my friend introduced me to Dr. Stately! He has the soul of a healer, tons of experience, and dedication to making me feel better. After eleven visits, I already see drastic improvements both to my normal everyday life (sitting at work, bending down to pick stuff up, carrying bags of kitty litter...) and special occasions (all-day meetings, dancing the night away) couldn't be happier right now."

~Tiffany Chu 7/14/14

"I just finished my 20th session with Dr. Stately and couldn't be feeling any better. When I 1st came in I could barely walk without experiencing pain in my hip. I felt relief after my 4th or 5th visit and have only been feeling better with each session. What I like most about the treatment is the combination of deep tissue massaging & DTS Therapy. The therapist are trained to treat the individuals problem. I know this as my wife has had success as well. Thank You Dr. Stately and staff!"

~Phil Salazar 6/30/14

"So almost everyone in my family was seeing or had seen Dr. Stately, now finally it was my turn. I had gone back to work teaching, which was causing a lot of stress on my neck and shoulders from writing on a white board for notes at a time and on the computer after that. I had pain all the time time and an increased number of headaches. Pain is always a good motivation to do something to relieve that pain. It was time for me to see Dr. Stately. I have been coming now for a couple of months and the results are wonderful. My neck and shoulder pain are almost completely gone and my neck mobility is remarkably improved.  The stress related headaches are almost non-existent. I look forward to coming in every week. The entire staff is wonderful. I can't recommend them highly enough."

~Pat Saia 6/26/14

"When I came into Dr. Stately's office, I had excruciating pain in my lower back.  I had trouble walking, I felt I was going to crack in half. After the first visit, I saw/felt a significant improvement regained some range of motion and pain was relieved. By my second visit I had no pain and was feeling like my old self.  My lower back had lost its curvature and with the adjustments and the treatment as a whole I feel the pressures gone. Dr. Stately and staff are awesome! They're friendly just a great environment and customer service. I recommend Dr. Stately's practice to anyone needing their spinal system treated."

~Miguel Barrios 6/25/14

"When I was referred to Dr. Stately my neck was so painful and stiff that I couldn't turn my head and sitting at my desk at work was almost impossible. After just a few treatments my neck is 100% better and I barely if ever have any pain."

~Dawn Keeney 6/19/14

"When I first came in, I was so uncomfortable I had a hard time sleeping, driving, and just moving in general. Since then, the pain has significantly decreased, the stiffness has gone away and I can move more freely. I feel better from the minute I wake up to the time I go to bed."

~Andrea Parsek 5/12/14

"I came in for my first visit with extreme pain in my back not knowing how to deal with my pain. From the first visit I knew I was in great hands with Dr. Stately and his talented staff. I appreciate so much that my treatment options were explained to me so well and I was put on a plan for successful healing.  I can't even believe after a couple of months how incredibly amazing I feel. My back and neck have never felt better. I sleep like a baby and the energy I have on a daily basis is amazing. I've told all my friends and clients they have to see Dr. Stately. I'm so excited to continue my treatment plan and continue on my path to better health and wellness. Thanks guys!"

~Nicole Ginascol 4/28/14

"Dr. Stately recommended the posture pump for my shoulder, forearm and elbow problems. I was a little skeptical at first, but decided to dedicate time to it. By this point, I was experiencing shooting pain down my arm and waking up in the middle of the night with "dead arm". It's been 6 months now and I can't believe the results 90% of the pain and numbness is gone. I regularly use it and I feel better than I have in years. Stick with it, I don't see how you can't experience improvement."

~Jenny Mergen 3/31/14

"I was skeptical of chiropractic medicine until my daughter, who was 25 at the time, sought treatment from Dr. Stately for wrist pain. It was seriously affecting her quality of life. She had been diagnosed with carpel tunnel and was told she would eventually need surgery. She was referred to Dr. Stately by a family acquaintance that had a similar experience and recommended him very highly. After just one treatment, she was playing the piano, which she had stopped due to the pain. She continued her treatment, regaining her strength and he's addressed other issues she had as well.

Some time later my wife experienced significant lower back problems. She went to see Dr. Stately and she has made great strides in her recovery as well.

So when my shoulder started looking funny and parts of my arm grew weak a few days after some heavy weightlifting, I decided it was my turn to see Dr. Stately. He ordered x-rays and the results showed a partially separated shoulder. After a round of therapeutic massage, he reset my shoulder. There was no pain, my shoulder looked normal, and I immediately felt relief. I have followed my treatment plan and continue to feel stronger. My progress has been great. And coincidentally or not, I beat my 35-year old best bowling score after the good doctor adjusted my shoulder. I am very happy with Dr. Stately and his capable and professional staff. I would gladly recommend him to anyone."

~W. Rod Gummerman 2/27/14

"Dr. Stately & his team are miracle makers in how they simply care for your situation & provide you with the knowledge you need to build yourself up in strength, nutritional intakes & customize your healing with the proper medical techniques that work for you. I went from a workers comp nightmare situation to a paradise feeling with treatment here. With so many payment possibilities he makes it work for your budget needs. My body was 0.5" collapsed on one side from neck to foot, impossible to lay, stand or drive without tears of pain. Thanks to Dr. Stately's treatments, I've successfully regained all my capacity & now I am better equipped for the future with all it can bring or throw at me!"

~Marybelle Gnamien 1/23/14

"When I walked in the office for the first time, my body was 1 1/2" off. I had severe back pain and had gone through a few chiropractors so I was very uncomfortable.  Thanks to the kind staff, the wonderful atmosphere and the attentiveness of Dr. Stately in a few months I was back on track!  I am very thankful to the whole stately chiropractic team, for their dedication and care.  I refer everyone I know now and have never heard any complaints.  It's been 2 years and I can say that I am at the best place physically that I have ever been. Thanks!"

~Sophie Kupersmith 1/23/14

"When I first came to see Dr. Stately I was in a great deal of pain physically and mentally.  My husband was fighting cancer and I was ignoring my health.  I was so out of  alignment my body was twisted, the bones in my neck were sticking out sideways. I got some relief after the very first visit. By continuing treatments and doing stretches at home, I feel great!  Dr. Stately and his staff are terrific!

~Nicia Anderson 1/16/14

"My 10 year old son was coming down with a bad case of the stomach flu. He came to Dr. Stately who adjusted him and provided him with homeopathic medicine. Immediately my son felt better, his back was no longer hurting him. The next morning , less than 12 hours later, he was completely recovered.  The next day was Christmas, so Dr. Stately's care saved his Christmas! He is the best chiropractor we have ever encountered. "

~Mary Frainie 1/2/14

Although I'd never been a runner before, in June I decided to run the Long Beach Marathon in October.  Because I only had four months to prepare, I needed to follow a strict training schedule.  Unfortunately, after a couple of weeks of relatively short runs, I was so sore I couldn't even walk the day after a five mile run.  I knew that something needed to change and I was sure that Dr. Stately could do it. 

Through a series of sessions including Chiropractic, Massage, Ultrasound and several other things I don't even know the names of, Dr. Stately treated me in the office.  In addition, he assigned homework consisting of stretches, diet, ice packs, Epsom salt soaks, and more. Over time, even though my training runs grew progressively longer, my body rebounded faster and faster. 

Dr. Stately's hard work (and mine) paid off.  I ran the marathon at a nice steady pace and finished running.  By about mile five, everyone had settled into their rhythm.  I was able to keep it.  Between mile 5 and the finish, I passed 240 runners who just couldn't keep it up.  At the finish line, another runner (who was laying on the ground) said, "Sure, you can walk around now, but tomorrow you'll really feel it."  As I write this the day after the marathon, I can truly say that I feel as good today as I did the day before the marathon.

Thanks, Dr. Stately.  I'll definitely be back next year before I run my second Long Beach Marathon.

~John Taylor  10/08/12

I started my care at Stately Chiropractic in February of 2011.  I had been having low back pain for approximately 18 months when a referred me to Dr. Stately. I had a knee injury that caused me to carry myself in a different way that resulted in my back pain.  I could not sit for more than 20 minutes without signifcant back pain.  I could actually do pretty much off of my normal activities, including exercise, however, if I had to sit either at home, in a car, or plane, I could not.  I went to an Orthopedist who treated me successfully for my knee through physical therapy, however, he could not treat my back. 

Dr. Stately is the kindest and most compassionate person and doctor.  As his patient, I felt he had my absolute best interest at all times.  One of the first things he said to me was, "If we can't help you, we will find someone who can." 

I no longer have any back pain and no longer take any Ibuprofen or Naprosyn (otc).  I am exercising regularly again (although no more spinning classes, which I am really sad about).  I can now sit for any length of time with no problem. 

Although I was somewhat skeptical about disc decompression and chiropractic care in general, I am now a believer as Dr. Stately and his staff have brought my body back to a wonderful place.  Everyone in the office, including the Front Office Staff, are such positive, wonderful people. 

I continue to go monthly to make sure my body stays in good working order and I truly look forward to my monthly visits.  If there is absolutely anything that I express concern about, Dr. Stately addresses it and does everything he can to rectify the issue. 

I love Dr. Stately and ALL of the staff at Stately Chiropractic!!!!

~Janice Newfield     3/21/12

Dr. Stately & The Chiropractic Group

This letter is a long overdue thanks.  As you may or may not have known, after suffering a spiral fracture to my right leg, and then being away from the ocean for over a year and a half, I was a different person - and not in a good way.  Casts, crutches, pain meds, and canes are a curse for anyone, especially a young, energetic person, who typically exercises on a daily basis.  When I came to your facility, I was unable to walk without a cane, and I had a 6" plate and 14 screws in my leg.  I was saddened and scared.  I was worried I may never be able to walk normal again. 

Dr. Stately, you and your team are amazing!  The physio therapy you provided before and after my surgery catapulted me back to the lineup of life.  Your holistic approach to my overall health and recovery were awesome.  The healing energy, positivity, and solid therapy provided, helped me heal to the best extent possible.  I now run daily with my dog, mountain bike, and am surfing better than ever.  My wife and I are expecting our first child soon, and I'm so happy I will be able to run and play normally, when that day comes!

I cannot begin to truly repay you for what you and your group have done.  All I can say, is anyone that has the opportunity to work with the Stately Chiropractic Group should jump at the chance.  They are wonderful people, and I am stoked we crossed paths. 

Most Sincerely,

Glenn Tomasyan   ~December, 2011

I sought treatment from Dr. Stately due to severe lower back, hip, and leg pain.  I had this pain intermittently for 2 years.  The symptoms began as lower back pain which spread to deep right hip pain from overexertion from golf and racquetball.  The pain after golf & racquetball would last for 3 days.  I ended up on pain meds throughout the day.  I also went through 2 rounds of physical therapy, which were 3 mos. for each round. 

I found Dr. Stately's office through my daughter and a friend who had recently treated at Stately Chiropractic.  I started my care on March 17, 2011.  Within 2 visits I was completely off my pain pills and was, in fact, completely pain free.  I had increased range of motion and flexibility. 

Dr. Stately is very friendly and engaging.  He talks directly about both diagnosis and type of treatment, as well as its purpose.  The overall approach to the treatment is very common sense, natural, and hands on.  It combines stretching, deep tissue muscle work, and adjustments...treating both bones and muscle groups.

The entire staff at Stately Chiropractic is friendly and helpful as well.  Everyone knows their stuff! I have already referred one friend for treatment!!!  I highly recommend Stately Chiropractic Group!

David Wilhelm    ~April 7, 2011

I first began treatment with Dr. Stately seven years ago for whiplash I suffered in an automobile collision.  Upon my initial visit I felt tremendous relief from the neck, upper back pain and headaches I was suffering at that time and after a series of treatments which followed, I was not only pain free but felt better than I had before my accident had occurred. And for the first time in my adult life, my posture was perfect.

I'd been to other chiropractors in the past but never dealt with one as supremely competent or caring as Dr. Stately.  Their working methods also all seemed inferior to his as well.  At the offices of the others, I would be ushered from the lobby straight into a room where the chiropractor would immediately proceed administering adjustments.  But at Stately Chiropractic, the patient first undergoes a ten to fifteen minute session of massage with a therapist.

Not only is this extremely therapeutic but it relaxes the body so afterward, when Dr. Stately adjusts your physique, the adjustments seem to be much deeper and more permanent.  After the adjustments, the patient is then given a thirty minute massage by one of the highly competent therapists on his staff which is so relaxing it was sometimes all I could do to force myself from nodding off.

As fate would have it, a few months ago I was again smashed into from behind by the vehicle of yet another reckless driver.  Once again suffering from the pangs of whiplash, I sought the services of Dr. Stately and obtained the same excellent results.

During one of our sessions, Dr. Stately mentioned that though I was now seven years older, for some reason my body was responding much better to the adjustments he was performing upon me and wondered if I had made any significant changes to my lifestyle in the intervening years since my previous series of treatments.  I told him I had become a vegetarian five years earlier and he enouraged me to remain one since my body seemed to be responding so well to the change in my diet.

I encourage anyone suffering from neck or back pain to go to Stately Chiropractic and afterward you will wish everything else in your life was doing as well as your spine. 

Kenny Elliott   ~March 1, 2011

I started seeing Dr. Stately about a year ago.  I had lower back pain on and off for forty years and neck pain for 2 months.  I had not done anything traumatic. The pain was just there. 

I had tried MD's, OD's, other DC's, all were no help. I found Dr. Stately from a friend's massage therapist recommendation.

In addition to being well credentialled, Dr. Stately is attentive and explains things clearly and understandably.  Most important are the results.  I have no more neck pain and considerably less back pain.

Every staff member is courteous, caring, and knowledgeable.

~Tom Burr  12/8/10

I started with Dr. Stately about 1 month ago after a neighbor who had similar wrist symptoms referred him. I made an appointment because of my wrist being stiff, sore, and painful.  I also had forearm, neck, mid back, lower back, knee, and foot pain for about 8 years.

I cannot remember what activity started my wrist pain, but it had been about 4 months of debilitating pain.  Discomfort became soreness, soreness became pain, and I could not write, drive, play games, play piano, knit, lift, rotate or grip anything without a lot of pain in my right wrist.  I could not open doors, bottles or even a remote.  I had neck and back pain for about 8 years and it possibly started after being rear-ended twice.  I started hunching because sitting and standing straight was painful.  I hunched more and more until I could not straighten at all.  I would have to limit standing and sitting for long periods and I would have occasional debilitating pain and would not be able to turn my head.

I went to 3 Orthopedic Surgeons for my wrist, back, and knees.  All of them were specialists in their field.  For the most part, they did not listen, failed to think critically, only proposed braces, surgery, drugs, or nothing for my ailments. 

Dr. Stately  is nice, personable, and passionate about improving lives. He listens to you and customizes your care.  In a nutshell, I can sit and stand straighter and more comfortably than I have in the past 8 years.  I can walk normally (gait), turn my head, and have completely regained pain-free use of my wrist including piano, computer, knitting, writing, lifting, rotating, driving, and even using a knife and fork!

Everyone in the office is genuinely friendly and helpful.  The service at Stately Chiropractic is above and beyond.  The physiotherapy and adjustments work wonders!  My appointments are actually something I look forward to instead of dreading.  I have never had to wait longer than 5 minutes to be seen vs. an hour or more at other doctor's offices.  Seeing Dr. Stately is the best thing that has happened to me in a long time, maybe ever!

~Jennifer Gummerman 11/2/10

I started seeing Dr. Stately after a car accident and had mid and upper back pain.  I also had severe positional dizziness as a result of the accident.  Prior to that, I had low back pain and temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction for several years.  Therefore, I experienced pain and stiffness in my jaw most mornings.

My mid and upper back pain started the next day or so after the accident and progressed with time.  I had my back pain and TMJ dysfunction for more than five years prior.

Due to these symptoms, I would get tired very quickly and with added stress, I always had knots and masses in my shoulders that would turn into a headache.  My back pain was agonizing at times and the dizziness made me extremely nervous while driving and attempting to change a lane because I didn't know when the dizzy spell would hit me again. 

I had tried injections with numbing medications for my lower back and that made the pain more intense.  I also tried acupuncture for the upper and mid back pain and it seemed to help for the first 1-2 days after treatment and then the pain would come back.  I irrigated my ears to improve the dizziness based on my primary care doctor's recommendation and that was not helpful either.  As for my TMJ, I have been wearing a night guard to prevent clenching teeth, however, my jaw was out of alignment.  I avoided taking medications because if I were to take pain killers everyday, I would have become addicted.  Regular massage seemed to take the edge off of the pain too.

A colleague at work referred me to Dr. Stately, for which I am very grateful.  I started care at Stately Chiropractic in July of 2010.  Dr. Stately does everything in his power to help relieve his patient's symptoms as fast as possible with as few treatments as necessary.  He gives advice on how to avoid future episodes of back pain, dizziness, or whatever the problem may be.  Dr. Stately's bedside manner and caring approach distinguish him from other practitioners. 

On a pain scale, with 0 being no pain and 10 being the most excruciating pain, my lower, mid, and upper back pain have reduced from an 8-9 down to a 1-2.  My dizziness was completely gone after a twenty minute exercise with Dr. Stately.  As for my TMJ, the pain and stiffness in my jaw has decreased dramatically.  I was so used to the jaw pain that after Dr. Stately's manipulations, I could not believe how relaxed my face had become.

Dr. Stately's office is far from an ordinary Chiropractic office.  He uses a holistic approach that is focused on the overall well being of his patients not just the back pain or the problematic area.  Along with the use of advancements in medical technology to solve problems, Dr. Stately involves his patients in their care plan.  Dr. Stately's staff treated me with respect, integrity, and consideration in my journey to become pain free.  Everybody is caring, respectful, and competent at Dr. Stately's office.  Thank you for helping me in my journey to wellness and better health.  I feel wonderful!

~Nahid Kahi  September, 2010

I have had severe arthritis in my back, hands, knees, ankles, and feet for the last 15-20 years.  I have also had various broken bones and back injuries over the years.  My legs were hurting all the time and I was having problems grasping things with my hands.

The Doctor did give me Naproxen for the swelling in my knees, which did help, but I wanted to be more comfortable.

Since I have been seeing Dr. Stately, all of my joints are moving more freely, my feet no longer go numb, and my back feels much better.  The staff is kind and helpful and Dr. Stately is a Godsend!

~Marykay Rodarte


"My neck problems started after I had children, (20 years ago), and was carrying them around, but only recently had gotten debilitating.  My symptoms began after a stressful time at work, followed by a 16 hour flight to Australia.  I woke up on the flight and could hardly move.  I had excruciating neck and arm pain, as well as a numb finger.  I was not able to drive or cook, and working at my job was very challenging.  I went to a Neurosurgeon and he said surgery was a "Must" for an extruded disc.

The combination of chiropractic at Dr. Stately's and the growing awareness of how I hold tension/stress in my physical body has helped me regain my health.  I have avoided surgery and am completely out of pain.  Dr. Stately sees the whole picture and the miraculous healing capabilities within our bodies.  He is also warm and very personable.  He will not stop until he figures out what the body needs.  Not to mention, Dr. Stately's office works like a charm.  I have never had to wait long as it seems like everyone is working together!

~Nola Casserly 12/7/09


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